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Cheating On Your Taxes Is A Kind Of Treason

A recent report says tax cheating by the very rich is on the increase. Cheating on one’s taxes should be seen as a kind of treason. If tax cheats were regarded as traitors, as in fact they are, we would have a more accurate perception of the damage done. It’s not just about the money that the government– and by extension the American people — lose out on. It’s about the assault on the legitimacy of our system. The burdens of running our society must be shared by all. And those most able to pay should assume the largest obligations. I’m not saying we should string tax-cheats up in the town square. But a life sentence for a tax-cheat who has ripped off the American people for millions of dollars would sure get some attention.    

August 8, 2006 - Posted by | Politics, Taxes---Yes!


  1. let’s all just pay a flat fee of dat 10 or 20 %, no writeoff whatsoever, and itll make life hell lot easier, and if the government cant keep in budget, time to stop with the pork barreling.

    Comment by SilverThorn | August 12, 2006

  2. Could you ask the IRS what law makes an American living and working in the 50 States of the union required to file and pay the income tax? Please post it here so all of us “tax-cheats” can shut up and start filing. Thanks.

    Comment by BrownCoat | August 30, 2006

  3. You don’t have to shut up. I’m all for free speech. Just please pay up like most freedom-loving Americans do. Please feel free to spend your time trying to deny our nation has a right to establish an income tax.

    Comment by neilaquino | August 30, 2006

  4. […] I found many liberal blogs which propose that cheating on taxes is a kind of treason and must be fought vigorously, while I found many conservative sites (including an editorial) that […]

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  5. Knowing that money in America is based on debt, and is nothing more than a representative of debt.How do you construe that as income?Its already spent.Its not income so not taxable.Your congressman’s responsibility is to the people , but they uphold the extortion.Those 2 fact make them accessories to counterfeiting and extortion.

    Comment by swilson | April 3, 2008

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