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Cheerleaders & Chicken Wings

A few weeks ago I went to a Cincinnati Reds baseball game. The Reds have cheerleaders– as if the baseball game were some type of barbaric football match. The following is a letter I sent to Reds’ CEO Robert Castellini. These things will stop only when people make a fuss.  

Dear Mr. Castellini: 

I recently attended a Cincinnati Reds game. 

During the game, a routine by your cheerleaders was shown on a big video screen. At the same time, an ad for chicken wings at Hooters was displayed on another big screen.  

Outside of your taxpayer-financed stadium you have a posted list admonishing the paying customers on how to behave. 

In likening your very own employees to pieces of meat, it is clear that it is you and your organization who need the pointers on how to act.  

Thank you. 

August 4, 2006 Posted by | Cheerleaders, Cincinnati, Things I've Done | 3 Comments