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World War III–In Case You Missed It

Newt Gingrich and William Bennett say America is now in the midst of World War III. They say the enemy is militant Islam and America is involved on fronts all across the world. I saw these men say this on TV. 

What I’d like to see, if we are in a so-called Third World War, is a call for mobilization involving real sacrifice. Like a tax increase instead of tax cuts for the rich.

It is hard to pick a most offensive aspect of the conflict in Iraq as conducted by the Bush team. But one thing I could nominate is the failure to ask American citizens for any type of sacrifice. Our troops and thousands of innocent Iraqi civilians are dying in a war America started, yet we are not asked to change anything about how we live. This despite the fact so many of us live like pigs. It’s appalling.

July 31, 2006 Posted by | Lousy People, Politics, Things Watching Tv Made Me Think About | 1 Comment