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Good Police Officers In Cincinnati

A friend told me about the annual gay pride parade held recently in Cincinnati, Ohio He told me the parade route ran past a police station. He said he saw a few women police officers in the window of the station giving the parade a “thumbs up.” I’m glad to know Cincinnati has such officers patrolling the streets.

July 27, 2006 - Posted by | Cincinnati, Good People


  1. Neil.

    I like the blog. Keep it up!
    Wasn’t sure if you were aware, but we now have 22 members of the Sheriff’s Department patrolling Over The Rhine, as well as the usual police. Heard anything, or any thoughts?

    Comment by Sean | August 3, 2006

  2. I’m not in the place of the people of Over-The-Rhine who no doubt need protection here and now. So I guess I can overcome my distaste at the idea of Hamilton County officers patrolling in Cincinnati. Ideally, though not likely, county and city officials would be working out long-term ideas to really help poor people. They’ll never do so, even though they did find time and money for stadium construction, until voters make them do so.

    Thanks for the nice comment about the blog.

    Comment by neilaquino | August 8, 2006

  3. I am working on a project for a Sociology class collecting images and quotes honoring women working in the military, police, fire etc, and I came across this page. This bothers me! While running a search for the Cincinnati police department, not a whole lot of good came up. There are tons of support for the Cincinnati poor, but none of them are hardly ever recognized. The people that need the help are being overshadowed by the mess in Over the Rhine. I left Cincinnati for about 8 years and then came home. Over the Rhine used to be just a low income neighborhood that I didn’t mind going to, and last week I made a wrong turn looking for the Zoo and WAS SCARED OUT OF MY EVER LOVING MIND. The residents as a result of a ridiculous riot made the area what it is. Should the rest of us taxpayers suffer because they have made the area what it is? I would rather my tax money go to a stadium that I can enjoy rather than help people who won’t help themselves. If the Cincinnati police want to put extra man power in that area to keep that cess pool of evil contained, more power to them. If people want to complain about how the city and counties are not doing enough, what is stopping the whiners from volunteering in your community to making a change? Why blame others and not step up and do something yourself!!!

    Comment by S | March 20, 2007

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