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I Won’t Be Made To Listen To Sean Hannity

The following is a letter I wrote to Enterprise Rent-A-Car Chairman and CEO Andrew Taylor. People don’t have to just sit around  and take this kind of stuff.   

Dear Mr. Taylor: 

I recently rented an Enterprise car. I picked up the car at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky airport. I took your shuttle bus from the terminal to the Enterprise location.  

The radio in the shuttle bus was tuned to a conservative radio program. During my ride to the Enterprise office, the driver was listening to the Sean Hannity show. Mr. Hannity was promoting an upcoming interview of Oliver North.   

I found this frustrating. I was not paying Enterprise to listen to Sean Hannity. I did not complain to the driver because the real issue is that Enterprise allows customers to be subjected to programming they may find offensive. 

It’s clear why a shuttle bus driver would listen to the radio to help him get through the day. I have no problem with that. But surely there is a sports talk show or some music the driver could listen to instead of a show that by its nature is designed to anger some people.  

As a repeat Enterprise customer, I please ask you to review this matter and to realize that not everybody who rents a car is a fan of Oliver North.  

Thank you.

July 26, 2006 Posted by | Cincinnati, Lousy People, Politics, Things I've Done | 10 Comments