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Money Where Your Mouth Is

I ate out on the Fourth of July. I think everything should be closed on the Fourth–But that is a losing battle. I tipped the waiter 25% for his help. If someone is working for you on a holiday, you should pay that person the same time and a half you would expect. Being a liberal means acting like one.

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You Never Know

We all sometimes wonder if Republicans holding high office have any true convictions. A recent vote in the Senate suggests that maybe some of them do. The silly flag burning amendment failed in the Senate last week by just one vote. Three Republicans voted no. One Republican no was from Lincoln Chaffee of Rhode Island. Senator Chaffee is running for his life this year in a state that should not be sending a Republican to the Senate. His vote is no big deal in Rhode Island. However, Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, someone almost always on the dark side, and Senator Robert Bennett of Utah also voted no. If either of these men had switched their vote the amendment would have gone to the states. It seems that both Mr. McConnell and Mr. Bennett acted out of principle. They realized a flag amendment would cheapen the Constitution.  

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